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His legacy
Two people can see now because of Brandon  

The day that he died I was contacted about
donating his organs. I really didn't think twice
about it because I figured we could at least help
someone else and we did. Two people can now
see because of him. They are seeing the world
threw his eyes now, I bet it's alot better view.

Brandon leaves behind a mother, father and
sister who miss him more than mere words
could ever describe. He also leaves heart broken
grandparents and many friends who love and
miss him dearly.

Brandons friend William and his mother Marty
who also was his teacher at church who led him
to Christ witnessed the accident, so say a prayer
for them it wasn't easy on them either. Course
there isn't anything easy about this.

You told Aunt Lori one day "You'll never know
how much I love You" she knows baby and she
loves you the same!! She has been there for me
everyday. She will always keep your memory
alive too.

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